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ZeCheng ESD anti-static access control system

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Update time : 2021-11-19 14:05:30
ESD anti-static access control system is a system that combines human body static electricity comprehensive tester, access control equipment and computerized management software. It can ensure that operators are actually prepared for electrostatic grounding when they enter the electrostatic protection zone, and combine The three-roller gate is used as the control device for the pedestrian passage.

ESD access control systems are used in many places where electrostatic protection areas (EPA) are set up. Electrostatic footwear and electrostatic wrist straps are tested by traditional manual login or supervision methods, which are difficult to implement and even make mistakes, making it difficult to obtain customers and The trust of the management has also formed a huge potential loophole in the electrostatic grounding of personnel; the anti-static access control system proposes direct and effective solutions to these shortcomings to ensure that when the operators enter the EPA area,
The personnel have been prepared for electrostatic grounding; and combined with the three-roller gate as the control equipment of the pedestrian passage. It can provide an orderly and civilized way for entering and exiting personnel to prevent illegal entry and exit, and quickly control the fall of the pole in an emergency, and organize the evacuation of personnel

Application range of ESD anti-static access control system
MT production line control area, semiconductor industry clean room, high-tech research and development room, defense and military electrostatic control area, explosive disposal area, aviation and space maintenance verification area, pharmaceutical factory electrostatic control area, hospital control area, biochemical industry electrostatic control area …And other occasions where anti-static test protection is required
Guangdong Zecheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial static control equipment and a supplier of integrated anti-static solutions. According to your business, organization and goals, you can develop an intelligent anti-static control system. The system can be flexibly configured according to the budget or Install software and hardware equipment reasonably according to different situations. 
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1. ESD access control system has good stability and reliability
The stability and reliability of the ESD access control system is an important strategy to protect the user's investment and establish a good image of the product brand. The system selects the industry's advanced access gates, and is strictly in system design, equipment selection, debugging, installation and other links. Implement industry-relevant standards.