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How to properly install ESD anti-static access control system
May / 24 / 2022

The ESD access control monitoring system mainly solves the problem of unreasonable or unqualified personnel entering the anti-static work area at will, effectively improving the pass rate of electrostatic products and the prevention needs of safe production. The system automatically determines the information of people entering and leaving and the static test data, thereby improving the management level and improving work efficiency. The installation of ESD anti-static access control system plays a decisive role in the acceptance of the entire project. How to install ESD anti-static access control system reasonably?

Commercial building face speed gate solution
May / 18 / 2022

The commercial center building has a relatively high flow of people and a large number of personnel, and entrance and exit management is very important. It is not only required to ensure the safety of the office building, but also needs to be compatible with various visitor systems, access control systems, consumption systems, epidemic prevention and control and other functions.