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How cost-effective is the face infrared temperature measurement module?
January / 18 / 2022

For different application scenarios of fast and accurate body temperature screening, Zecheng Intelligent Technology has launched an infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement module, which can be widely used in face temperature measurement all-in-one machine, Android face recognition device temperature measurement, and intelligent infrared body temperature screening. We provide complete technical support for it, break through the existing technical threshold, and help to create high-end, high-precision, large field of view, and long-distance measurement for integrators users. temperature products in order to compete for the rapid and accurate temperature measurement market at home and abroad.

Teach you to choose a face recognition attendance machine
January / 13 / 2022

Enterprises and institutions have begun to resume work and production. Units that originally used fingerprint attendance machines need to use other methods for registration. Many companies will think of the attendance method of face recognition, which can effectively reduce the risk of contact infection during the epidemic. So how should face recognition attendance equipment be chosen?