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Electronic factory's requirement standard for anti-static access control-ESD gate system
August / 16 / 2022

First of all, grounding is an indispensable project in the electronic workshop. There are many groundings for different purposes in the clean workshop of the electronic industry. It is advisable to use a common grounding system to avoid the unsafe factors caused by the separate grounding of different potentials, and Coupling effects between different ground conductors. Different groundings can use separate grounding wires, but the grounding electrode system is shared and should follow the principle of equipotential bonding.

Face recognition and epidemic prevention all-in-one machine makes it easier to pass health codes
August / 09 / 2022

Now that epidemic prevention management has become normalized, in order to consolidate the hard-won results of epidemic prevention and control, it is very important to strengthen the deployment of information-based basic epidemic prevention facilities such as face recognition and epidemic prevention integrated machine (hereinafter referred to as "epidemic prevention integrated machine"). In this regard, Zecheng Intelligence is making every effort to ensure the technical services of digital epidemic prevention health code verification and normalized prevention and control, and is also actively using its many years of experience in the Internet of Things industry to strengthen technical prevention - the deployment of AI epidemic prevention all-in-one machine, to prevent epidemics. Face recognition smart terminals (health code access funds) are quickly deployed in government departments at all levels, administrative agencies, community checkpoints, stations, scenic spots, hospitals and other epidemic prevention places to improve access efficiency and avoid gatherings while epidemic prevention verification is performed.