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What are the advantages of facial recognition attendance machines and fingerprint attendance machines?

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Author : ZECHENG
Update time : 2023-07-12 14:44:07
Nowadays, China's technology is very developed, and the phenomenon that can be verified around us is the facial recognition attendance machines used by some enterprises. I believe many people have seen this high-tech attendance system.

Facial recognition attendance machine is a new type of storage attendance machine. Just collect the employee's profile in advance and create documents. When employees commute to and from work, if they are standing in the recognition area of the facial recognition attendance machine, they should quickly record their attendance and save the record.

The facial recognition attendance machine is mainly used for calculating the attendance of company employees. When employees sign in, facial photos of employees are collected through a camera. Then, feature values are obtained from the collected photos using facial recognition algorithms, and compared and analyzed with the pre stored feature values of employee facial photos in the database. If the employee's name is reported after successful recognition, the attendance is successful.

The face recognition attendance machine combines radio frequency and optical sensing technology with digital camera technology, using fingerprints or sensor cards to actively capture and record employee picture information. Through the backend management software, you can check and compare the personnel pictures recorded in each check-in. Then effectively eliminate the phenomenon of clock in during work hours. It is precisely because of this characteristic that facial recognition attendance machines not only have the anti substitution and clocking characteristics of fingerprint attendance machines, but also have the advantages of induction attendance machines. The comparison between the two has the following advantages:

Because fingerprint attendance machines have high requirements for the environment and the skin of attendance personnel, they cannot identify dry air, dirty skin, peeling, etc., and are prone to wear and tear. Therefore, the service life is short and the protection cost is high. Face recognition attendance machine is used to recognize the information of a person's avatar, which is not affected by environmental or human factors during recognition. The fingerprint attendance machine must be stored in the employee's fingerprint information database in advance to attend, and the fingerprint information database must be frequently updated when personnel change. It is very troublesome to operate, and the facial recognition attendance machine can be used immediately without entering any information. The facial recognition attendance device uses a "USB disc" to collect facial recognition attendance data, which can be completed without cables. Due to RF induction recognition, there is no need for real-time comparison, so attendance speed is faster.

Because the fingerprint attendance machine is stored in the employee's fingerprint information database in advance, and the fingerprint information is related to personal privacy, enterprises have no right to forcibly input the employee's fingerprint information. The facial recognition fingerprint attendance machine has a built-in camera that saves the cardholder in the photo while swiping the card, allowing the proxy cardholder to have no hiding place. Fast speed, can complete card shooting in just one second. Choose a large amount of memory. Take and save immediately, without involving personal privacy. Facial recognition attendance machines are more expensive than fingerprint attendance machines by selecting built-in photography devices and chips, but their functions cannot be ignored.
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