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How can ESD access control gates achieve anti-static performance?

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Update time : 2023-05-23 14:52:48
With the continuous development of technology, access control gates have become a very important industrial equipment. However, due to static interference and other reasons, many manufacturers do not know how to achieve ESD access control gate anti-static? This article will explain how ESD access control devices can achieve anti-static performance through ESD technology.

1: The principle of ESD access control gate

ESD access gate is a device for managing personnel entering and exiting, which can restrict or control their access by identifying and analyzing their information. The ESD access gate usually consists of three parts: sensors, controllers, and actuators. Sensors are responsible for collecting information about people entering and exiting, such as facial features, body shape, etc; The controller receives and sends instructions to the executing mechanism; The actuator controls the execution components to complete related tasks according to the commands of the controller. The principle of ESD access gate: The ESD access gate is mainly composed of electronic sensing devices, actuators, and controllers. Among them, electronic sensing devices are used to collect personal information of entry and exit personnel, such as facial features, body shape, etc. The actuator is configured with corresponding functions according to the requirements of different users, such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, facial ID recognition, and so on.

2: How to achieve anti-static?

The principle of ESD access control gate anti-static is to shield the electromagnetic interference generated during door opening and closing. When there are many conductive particles in the external air or a large number of electronic devices around the equipment, strong electromagnetic fields will be generated, causing the ESD access control switch to not work properly. To avoid such situations, the ESD access gate should be set up with a special area to filter out surrounding conductive particles or screen out some harmful signal sources nearby to ensure its operation. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Install a metal fence at the entrance of the door. 2. Install the doors and windows to the door. 3. Turn on the power. 4. Turn off the power. 5. Use static electricity protection materials. 6. Check whether the door frame and wall have protective belts. 7. Confirm that the installation has been completed

3: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How does the ESD access control gate achieve anti-static? Anti static electricity refers to a protective method that prevents human contact with charged objects. It separates the human body from conductive substances to avoid discomfort caused by electric charge stimulation when in contact with the body. At present, the common ESD anti-theft door locks on the market mainly include two categories: metal doors and non-metallic doors. Metal doors have good explosion-proof and fireproof performance, but they cannot effectively block the entry of human bodies into conductive materials. Non metal doors, on the other hand, can effectively prevent the human body from being electrocuted when accidentally touching foreign objects. In order to effectively prevent electric shock, it is necessary to carry out special design for the ESD access gate. The common ESD gate adopts advanced electronic lock technology, which can effectively block the flow of current through the human body, thereby improving the circuit. At the same time, special lightning protection measures are also equipped to effectively prevent lightning strikes. How to ensure the normal operation of the ESD access gate? To ensure the practicality of the access control gate system, it is necessary to regularly inspect or replace components. Normally, if problems are found, they should be immediately stopped and repaired. If a component is found to be aging or malfunctioning, it should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
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