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Face attendance machine becomes the trend

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Author : ZECHENG
Update time : 2023-06-13 15:43:37
The time attendance machine is one of the necessary equipment in the modern workplace. Through the time attendance machine, the staff can finish clocking in and out of get off work. In order to enhance everyone's understanding of the attendance machine, this article will introduce the working process of the face-based time-attendance machine and the cracking method of the face-based time-attendance machine. If you are interested in time attendance machines, you may wish to continue reading.
1. Introduction to Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine
The face recognition time attendance machine is a new type of storage time attendance machine. It only needs to collect the employee's face and create a file in advance. Attendance status and keep records.
Is there a way to crack the face recognition attendance machine? Of course there is, so first of all, the face recognition attendance machine adopts the high-precision technology in the field of international science and technology - face recognition technology (integrated with computer image processing technology and biostatistics principles) ), using computer image processing technology to extract portrait feature points from the video, and using the principle of biostatistics to analyze and establish a face feature template.
When a registered person walks in front of the face recognition machine, it will have a voice prompt "Hello" or the name of the person to indicate that the attendance has been successful. Moreover, it also has an image update function. If the image being taken is used as the first face, the stored one is the second face. If the first face image is consistent with the second face image, the face recognition attendance machine The first face image will be automatically stored to update the second face image. This method can keep the face image of the user updated, reduces the influence of the change of the facial shape on the recognition, and increases the accuracy of the recognition.
2. Features of face recognition attendance machine
1. The method of locating the key areas of the face is adopted, which has high accuracy and good security.
2. Generally, special dual cameras are used, which is a quasi-3D face recognition technology. The recognition performance is much higher than that of 2D face recognition, and the algorithm complexity is much lower than that of 3D face recognition.
3. The recognition performance is not affected by ambient light, and the reliability is good.
4. User name list can be uploaded through U disk, and access control and attendance records and photos can be downloaded.
5. The device status can be set through the TCP/IP network, as well as upload and download information; network communication data encryption.
6. Naturalness, the identification method is the same as the biological characteristics used by human beings for individual identification.
7. Completely non-contact, can avoid bacterial infection, more healthy and hygienic.
8. Voice prompt, a real voice prompts whether the verification of the face is successful.
9. It can be used independently without connecting to a computer to complete functions such as personnel registration, face attendance, and storage records.
3. Working process of face recognition attendance machine
The face recognition attendance machine is mainly used for the attendance statistics of the company's employees. When the employees sign in, they need to collect the facial photos of the employees through the camera, and then use the face recognition algorithm to obtain the feature values from the collected photos and compare them with the pre-stored in the database. The feature value of the employee's face photo is analyzed and compared. After the recognition is successful, the employee's name is reported, and the attendance is successful.
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