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ZeCheng face recognition, help touchless pass

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Update time : 2021-11-10 11:49:35
Driven by the COVID 19, the technology of face recognition temperature measurement products has developed rapidly, facilitating offline non-contact temperature measurement and providing protection for people's travel, work and study. A good face recognition and temperature measurement product can allow automatic passage of the gate channel and access control attendance by face recognition, and can also perform high-precision infrared body temperature detection at the same time, which is self-evident at the moment. Governments, enterprises, and schools use face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machines, which can perform attendance registration through face recognition, and automatically perform temperature measurement and release to ensure the safety of entering personnel. In offline locations, you can create an automatic pass gate by building a face recognition integrated machine to reduce personnel contact.
Principle of face image quality detection algorithm
What will happen if the face quality detection is put in a real use scene? The following is based on, including face detection, living body detection, face comparison, personal identification comparison, etc. A user came from a distance. Due to the distance, the first thing the system captured was a blurry face image. Then, face recognition will automatically make a judgment, and because the quality is too low, the image will be rejected and sent to the next recognition link. Then the system will continue to capture until a face image with better quality is recognized and succeeded. During the whole process, the user does not need to stay and wait deliberately to complete face recognition in one go.

ZeCheng Intelligent Face recognition function
1. One person ticket
Effectively identify the text information on the front and back of the ID card, read the bills and determine the authenticity, compare the features of the photos stored in the second-generation ID card with the live human face in front of the gate, and provide ID card quality control technology. After passing the three-in-one verification of certificates and bills, it will be archived and automatically opened for release.

2. Face quality detection
Perform fast real-time detection of conditions such as the illumination, blurriness, mask, and posture of the face, and capture the face with the best quality.
3. One person and code
Read the photo and information of the personnel in the barcode or bound with the barcode, compare the characteristics of the personnel photo with the live human face in front of the gate, and after passing the verification of the combination of the human code, it will be archived and the gate will be automatically opened and released.
4. One person, one temperature, one file, non-contact temperature measurement
Perform a quick check on the face and body temperature, and pass if the body temperature is normal.
ZeCheng Intelligent  Common features of face recognition
1. Automatically count data and form reports
The smart attendance system module supports automatic statistics of data, including the total number of face swipes, employee attendance times, visitor passes, visitor identification times, as well as equipment statistics, attendance data statistics, and attendance statistics.
2. Personnel management in one step
It can support single addition and batch import and export of visitor information functions, one-click processing of personnel transfer and resignation, and support for face photo replacement, and it can also collect visitor face information through the module remotely.
For the visiting personnel, management personnel can be supported to enter the visitor's information in advance, including the visitor's name, gender, mobile phone number, avatar, group belonging, etc., when the visitor arrives, he can directly swipe his face to pass, which makes the visitor more comfortable.
3. Flexible access equipment management mode
The device pass records can be searched, deleted, etc. with one key. It supports capturing photos, body temperature, pass time and matching personnel information of the passers-by at the scene, automatically generating pass records, and users can export or delete pass records. At the same time, the access control equipment can be remotely upgraded, real-time monitoring, remote restart/open the door/adjust the volume and other instructions.
4. Real-time traffic monitoring of the attendance terminal
Users can view the real-time access status of all attendance terminals in the background attendance management-original record, including the name of the passer, department, position, clocking time and specific device, as well as clocking attributes. 
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