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Relying on the face to pass the face recognition gate to help the intelligent upgrade of the scenic spot

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Update time : 2022-01-11 14:34:02
The entrance and exit access control management system solution helps the smart upgrade of the scenic spot, completes the face recognition ticket gate channel construction for the scenic spot, supports a variety of verification methods, such as QR code, ID card recognition, face recognition, etc., to meet the entry of different tourists. need. Facial recognition allows you to enter the park in seconds, which is convenient and fast, and the ticket checking experience for tourists is greatly improved. The disadvantages of traditional scenic spot management manual ticket gates are mainly concentrated in complex operation, large workload and low efficiency. In the peak passenger flow period, the queue is even longer, manual ticket sales are difficult to cope with, and the number of tourists is inaccurate. Especially when it comes to the peak holiday season, the ticket checking process is very stressful. In recent years, tourist attractions have gradually upgraded from manual ticket sales to intelligent electronic ticket checking. Statistics problems can be solved at the entrance. People can enter the park when they hear a "di" sound. Some scenic spots have also been cancelled directly. The ticket checking staff can directly install the intelligent ticket gate system, which not only facilitates the tourists, but also improves the ticket checking experience and efficiency.
What kind of intelligent channel gates should be used in the scenic area?
1. The entrance of intelligent gates is installed in the scenic area. Generally, there are three-roller gates, wing gates, swing gates, full-height turnstiles and other types of high-speed gates;
2. Install the ticket checking system in the scenic spot with the turnstile. At present, the turnstiles on the market are equipped with an electronic identification system. The turnstiles are connected with the ticket checking system to automatically identify the QR code, check the authenticity of the tickets, and upload the data to the background of the ticket checking system. The data on the number of people is clear at a glance;
3. Install exit gates, generally choose full-height turnstiles and anti-collision swing gates; full-height turnstiles can control the flow of people when tourists leave the scenic spot, which is safer, and can also recover tickets, etc.
Features of intelligent face recognition ticket gates:
1. It has the standard automatic reset function and triple anti-pinch function. After the face recognition is completed, it is not re-locked through the gate return within the specified time;
2. With a LED traffic light, it is clear whether the traffic command achieves the purpose of passing or prohibiting passing;
3. The anti-following and collision functions can prevent the possibility of multiple people following after one person passes through, and release after confirming the face comparison;
4. A variety of remote control functions can be connected through a computer or TCP to remotely control the gate, and external buttons, IC, ID cards and other reading and writing devices can be connected.
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